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Global Art Development

Philanthropy Advisors Specialized in Art and Culture

Global Art Development is a philanthropy advisory firm specialized in art and culture. The firm provides personalized strategic planning and organizational development for individuals and cultural institutions in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Founded by former investment banker Scott Stover, Global Art Development applies an independent, international perspective with a clear focus on accountability to clients' needs and objectives -- providing a range of services to museums, foundations, government, civic agencies, and individuals focused on a creative planning process.

Global Art Development's experienced professionals offer expertise in the financial, business, marketing, and philanthropic worlds, coupled with discreet and highly personal service.

With a deep understanding of the expanded role of cultural thought-leaders, philanthropists, collectors, and other creators, Global Art Development acts as a bridge across different cultures to create meaningful global collaborations, art projects, fresh cultural and social hybrids, and pioneering economic models.

The geography of the world of art and culture provides burgeoning opportunities for private collectors, philanthropists, and institutions to move their agendas forward.